John Winthrop Jr. Estate

Winthrop Jr. Estate

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Transcription - Burdick & Holland

John Winthrop’s Will
I ,John Winthrop Of --- Colony of Connecticut of New England, now resident in Boston, ----- sick in body ---- put through mercy of perfect memory and understanding do make this my last will and testament as follows. Denouncing all other former wills whatsoever. First I commit my soul to God, my faithful creator trusting that through the merits of my --------, I shall have a glorious ------------------- of this --- body who shall be made like to his glorious body shall though after my skin the worms shall --- this flesh, -------------------- and shall hold my Redeemer and for ever with the Lord, my body is the Earth God -------- interred at the direction of my executor hereafter named as for any -----------------Estate with ---- the Lord have ------ dispersed as follow with. First my will is that Just debt ------- paid. After my funeral charges, being defrayed I will bequest on to my 2 sons: Fitz John and Waitostill, to each of them an equal proportion out of my estate with -- -- portion to each of them. That is double to what I give to each of my daughters,--. -- of my estate to be equallydivided to my 5 daughters, Elizabeth, Lucy, Margarett, Martha, Anni. Only my will is that in the computation of my estate. I have already given to my daughter Elizabeth and Lucy good farming not --------- in portportion of that that ---may be considered by overseeing of this my will hereafter named. I proportionally accompied ---of this portion, abatement to be made out of this proud legacy to them on about accordingly. And I do hereby nominate and appoint my 2 sons Fitz-John and Waitestill, and my 5 daughters above named to be executor and executrixis of this my last will and testament. And I doing --- this I have hereafter named to accept the trouble to oversight of this will and to settle all things accordingly. I do declare that it is my will that if any question, difficulty or difference arises in or about this my will, it shall be determeined by them or any thrio of them the ----------- of Connecticut. Captain John Allen, Mr. William Jones, Major Robert Troat of Boston, Mr. Humphry Davy, Mr. James Allen, and my brother, John Richard Winthrop that this my last will and testament I have ------ my hand and sealed. ---- in Boston this third day of April in the year of our lord, 1676
John Winthrop
Signed, sealed, published
& declared in the presence of
The blotter in the fifteenth and twenty fifth. Being afore sealing
Thomas Thatcher, Jr.
John O. Lato