Voices Rising History Lesson Plan Development

A team of five teachers participating in the Teaching American History grant project, called Voices Rising, are using this wiki to develop a set of history lessons based on primary source documents related to the Saugus Iron Works historic site.

Lessons in Development

last update: March 16, 2008
SIW Restoration, Iron and Steel Institute film
historian review
John Winthrop Jr. , Political know-how
historian review complete, in revision
Joseph Jenks Senior, master craftsman
historian review complete, in revision
Iron production and colonial value
historian review complete, in revision
Scottish prisoners and indentured servitude at the SIW
historian review complete, in revision

Primary Sources

John Winthrop Jr Estate
John Winthrop Jr Estate Inventory

Artifact Photography

The Saugus Iron Works Restoration Primary Source Index | Click to launch

Unassigned Documents
These documents may be used with one of the five lessons above.

Commissioners for the undertaking of ye Iron Works - May 27, 1653, BPL Rare Books
The Account of Anthony Stoddard - September 12, 1653, BPL Rare Books
letter from O. Cromwell to John Cotton - October 2, 1651, BPL Rare Books