Time line of Joseph Jenks Senior (1599-1683)

Joseph Jenckes born to Sarah Fullwater and John Jenckes
1639 August 7, Petition granted by Lord High Admiral, Algernon Percy to Joseph Jenckes to build a sword mill in Isleworth, England
John Winthrop, Jr sails to England to start Company of Undertakers for the Iron Works in New England
John Winthrop, Jr. returns with skilled workforce to begin construction of Iron Works at Braintree
John Winthrop, Jr. leaves iron works, Richard Leader becomes new manager
Additional site to construct additional iron works at Lynn (Saugus)
First blast at Lynn furnace
May 10, Joseph Jenckes petitions the Massachusetts General Court for exclusive right to “build a mill for making of scythes; and alsoe a new Invented Saw Mill, and divers[e] other Engines for making of edge tooles.”
October[?] Jenckes comes to an agreement with Richard Leader to build a “mill or hamer for the forging and making of scythes or any other iron ware” on the tailrace of the blast furnace. The iron works will provide cast and wrought iron for pieces of the shop. The mill has to be complete by the “24th of June next.” The iron works appears to have owned this mill and Joseph Jenckes paid rent to operate it.
Scottish prisoners captured at Dunbar and shipped to New England.
Richard Leader builds saw mill in Maine with Scottish prisoners
late, Joseph Jenckes makes mill saw blades for John Winthrop, Jr. saw mill in New London, Connecticut
CA 1653-5
Iron Works Bankruptcy
Joseph Jenckes purchases from Joseph Armitage of Lynn a blacksmith shop, slitting mill, house, and grist mill. The mortgage was handled through Simon Bradstreet, a future governor of Massachusetts
Joseph Jenckes (now in his late sixties) petitions the Massachusetts General Court for assistance to build “a convenient work room” where he could draw (with the assistance of water power) iron wire for the purposes of making wool cards and fish hooks. The large number of brass pins found during the archeological work of the 1950s shows that he was probably making brass wire too.
Joseph Jenckes testifies that the new owner of the iron works property (Samuel Appleton) has dismantled the furnace bellows and removed iron bolts.
Joseph Jenckes, Sr. died at Lynn, Massachusetts